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DBZ Ultimate Power 2

2014-07-05 22:48:24 by Tsunamicoding

In production now....4133329_140461487282_DBZUltimatePowerMenus.png


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2014-07-06 00:49:55

Oh-ho, YES! I played a ton of and loved your first one, and if the quality of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber-like background and Nimbus mean anything, the new one is going to look great. Can't wait to see more!

Tsunamicoding responds:

It definitely will be, thanks for the support!


2014-07-17 14:42:29

That's amazing.
I love the original, can you give us insight on what you are planning to put in. If you can do this one thing, can you add a transformation for every character because even in most official Dbz games the ones with the transformations become way to Over Powered way to fast. I still want to play with Piccolo, but not be utterly destroyed by ssj ultimate supreme omega god form indestructible GOKU, you know like you start out with regular piccolo then fuse with nail, the kami, and if you can do none of that for the love of god put In-


Tsunamicoding responds:

I actually thought about that, I wanted (in the first game) to make it so that if you choose krillin and fight someone like frieza, you can't just go wild because he's to powerful, so you'd have to use strategy. But I'm adding a rage mode to this game, multiplayer, and the game will have a total of 43 characters (87 if you count transformations), and a new, revamped battle system. I also plan on adding an online mode where you can build up players and compete. So be on the lookout! (:


2014-09-26 17:22:32

Damn, this looks sick. Can't wait for this game. I hope you guys have fun developing and making the game!