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After 3 long years I'm finally able to release DBZ Ultimate Power 2! Go play now! 

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Dbz Ultimate Power 2 Promo Image

2015-09-10 00:47:45 by Tsunamicoding


A promo screenshot for Dbz Ultimate Power 2! Working on this game as fast as I can while I try to balance between my job and programming life! I'm almost done with the battle engine for the game and once it is done I will provide a playable demo! -TsunamiCoding

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Dbz Ultimate Power 2

2015-04-14 00:09:08 by Tsunamicoding

Dbz Ultimate Power 2 is still in a early beta mode! I'm practicing new coding techniques and animation to enhance gameplay. I also want to add new physics to the game to give it a more loose feel. I will keep you updated!

*In the meantime go download my new app "BubbleGum Baby" from the google play store!

New Project

2014-10-16 01:05:23 by Tsunamicoding

Just got me a collab team! I am starting a new fighting game project with a couple of guys from my job! I have recently been studying as3 and planning out more features for DBZ UP 2! (Still in prototype stages). I hope to have some visuals put up soon to show you guys! Much Love!

DBZ Ultimate Power 2

2014-07-05 22:48:24 by Tsunamicoding

In production now....4133329_140461487282_DBZUltimatePowerMenus.png

DBZ Ultimate Power

2013-10-24 18:39:27 by Tsunamicoding

I hope everyone who has played DBZ Ultimate Power has enjoyed it. I have started working on version B. Let me know what you think about DBZ Ultimate Power!!! Comment Here. Go Play, Comment & Vote!! Email me

DBZ Ultimate Power